Integrovaný systém se sběrnicí MBUS s odečítáním dat prostřednictvím kabelového připojení

Moduly M-BUS jsou vhodné pro dříve instalované vodoměry.










Technical features

Power supply
From M-Bus network

Safety battery duration
1 year since the M-Bus network disconnection

Data transmission protocol
M-Bus EN13757-3

Usable Baud Rate
300, 2400, 9600 bps

Primary and secondary addresses

Secondary address
Pre assigned or programmable*

Case protection ranking

Cable specs
2 wires cable 3 meters long

Message displayed data
Primary address
Manufacturer identification
Type of device (water meter)
Firmware release number
Message progressive numbe
Alarms and warnings
Unit of measurement code (liters)
Instantaneous reading in liters
RFM-MB1=1 liter
RFM-MB2=10 liters

Alarms/warnings detail
Module removal
Battery life <- 1 month
Magnetic fraud attempt
Optical fraud attempt or optical sensor
Reverse flow -> 20 liters
Q-max overreaching for at least 10

*Programming can be performed using the Micromaster or any compatible device